Math on the Water, a Fire in the Sky.

Tacking Sailboats - Photo Credit: lexicide.comOK, I’m guilty. I’ve been rocking out to epic 70’s rock-n-roll while my son sails an Optimist sail boat with the junior yacht club. When they were done, one of my boys who goes to a traditional public school comes in and says, “I get line segments and angles now!” I admit, I got a little giddy. This comes from my boy who goes to the public school. For a week now, he had been frustrated when trying to do his math work. He does have good teachers at his school, but how in the world are they going to get to help each of the 30 students in the class. It’s crazy to think they will be able to give enough help to each student.

“Are you sure you don’t want to home school with your brother?” I asked him. He quickly declined. I understand, because he has a super good friend in his class. I would much rather just taken him sailing and have him learned the math by living it. For now, he wants to stay in the school he is at so that’s what we’re doing for him.

But as we approach unschooling, I think about how many math lessons you could skip with this sailing experience. Things like this bring math to the real world. If you child wanted to sail, they would likely have a deeper understanding of line segments, angles, force and motion, etc. than their friends in school. Letting your child do the things they love gives them the opportunity to really learn; not for them to just memorize information for a test, but truly understand.

Have you or your children had any of those “Aha” moments? Leave a comment below. CasitaKeepers

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